Thursday, August 1, 2013

8 Ways to help your Family

My family means a lot to me. They do a lot for me, too. When I think about it there’s actually a lot I could do for them, even just simple things like giving Mum a cup of water when she’s thirsty (Matthew 10:42). I sometimes wonder if that isn’t the way Jesus worked—doing the simple things for people, and just acting the part of a servant (John 13:4-6).

He helped people bodily. He also helped people spiritually. Wherever He was, He tried to show how good God is to the people He was ministering to. How loving, how kind, how generous God is. He was trying to show them. And as Christians, we are to imitate Him. Here are some of the ways I’ve found helpful when I am trying to help my family:
  1. Do the jobs they don’t want to do. (Like cleaning out the trash containers. Or washing out your brother’s muddy clothes.)
  2. Surprise them. Maybe you could wash a window or two, to surprise Mum. Or perhaps she’s busy in the garden—maybe you could get dinner going if you know what’s on the menu.
  3. Love them. I think this one’s pretty important. Showing them love in every area is very crucial. To show your family love, maybe you could make a favourite recipe. Or pick a few flowers to put in the windowsill. Or listen, really listen (not with just half an ear!) to what a sibling has to tell you. I have a hard time doing this, especially when I’d really rather get on with my project.
  4. Love themwhat precious jewels your siblings are!
  5. I’m sure you’ve read through the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10) before, and are fairly familiar with the verses. One idea I’ve had lately was to go through the Beatitudes and pick one “blessed” for each day. For example, on Monday maybe I’d pick mercy. I’d try to find ways I could show mercy to my siblings that day. Then, on Tuesday, maybe I’d try to be a comforter. Or a peacemaker. You get the idea. :)
  6. Pray for them. If there’s one thing that will shake the gates of heaven, it’s prayer. Maybe you have a sibling who seems to be struggling with something, but they can’t talk about it. Maybe one of your siblings is trying to figure out what they will do with their life. Whatever is going on, we always can and will profit from praying and being prayed for!
  7. Encourage them. If you see something they’ve done lately that really impressed you, or have noticed something in their lives that was uplifting for you, tell them! I’m sure they would be glad to hear what you think. :) You could also slip a note into their Bible with an encouraging verse on it, and let them be mystified as to how it got there. :) You never know what something like that could do! :)
  8. Support. Tell them you’re praying for them. Help them when they come to you for help. Be the kind of sibling you’d love them to be.
  9. Appreciate them. Accept them for who they are, even if there are blaring faults that are really annoying in their personalities. The more you accept and appreciate them for who they are, the closer your relationship will be.
These are just a few of the many different things we can do for our families. I’m sure you could add your own thoughts to the list. :) It’s a great privilege to have a family, people who understand you and love you. I praise God for my Godly parents and wonderful siblings. May we ever grow as we learn to live the Christian life and follow Him.
In Christ,


  1. Thanks for sharing, Esther! I really liked this article, I love the Beatitudes idea! :)

  2. Wow! Those are all such great ideas, of which I am not the most faithful in...thank you so much for sharing, Esther! How much we ought to be investing in our siblings' lives, and blessing and serving our parents!

  3. Hi Rachel and Esther

    I tagged you -I hope you don't mind! Go onto this post to find out what you have to do:



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