Thursday, May 2, 2013

Surprise!!! :)

We have a little surprise for you! :)

Jewels of Jesus will have a free monthly desktop wallpaper for our readers to enjoy! Lord willing, we'll try release a new wallpaper for each new month.

If you have a picture that could make a nice wallpaper, please send it to us at this email. Whether if we use it or not, we'll love seeing your pictures! :)

SO! For this month's wallpaper....

(Click and save image to your desktop and enjoy all month long!)

Please do not use
 these images for any other purpose other than personal enjoyment on the desktop of your computer!!!

Enjoy this month's wallpaper! If you enjoy using the wallpapers, please tell us! :)


  1. Made it my desktop background- love it! :D

  2. Oh, it is so pretty! I would really like to use it but our computer won't let us change our wallpaper :(

  3. Rosie - great!! :) glad you like it!

    Carissa - that's odd...why can't you change it? :-/

  4. Because of the software that we are using :( I've asked my dad and he said that we wouldn't be able to use it :(

  5. really cute Rachel! I'm glad you're a writer on here now. :)


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