Monday, May 6, 2013

Pray in Faith—God Answers (Pt. 2)

Hudson Taylor— 
Praying Down the Wind
Hudson Taylor about 1885
Hudson Taylor about 1885

Hudson Taylor was the founder of the China Inland Mission and did a great work for God in China. This experience took place when he was journeying to China for the first time. George Muller had a very similar experience when he was once crossing the ocean from England to Canada, when he asked God to clear the fog in five minutes. There are links to more resources from and about Hudson Taylor at the bottom of this page.

I have had all sorts of experiences in all sorts of circumstances, and when I have come to God and pleaded His own promises in His own Word, I have never been disappointed. I have been in circumstances of great difficulty, and have been led to ask Him for remarkable help.

I was nearly wrecked when I was going out to China the first time. Our vessel was becalmed, and gradually drifting upon the coast of New Guinea. We could see the savages on the shore. They had kindled a fire, and were evidently expecting a good supper that night. When I was a medical student some of the other students used to jeer at me because I was going among the heathen, and they would talk about “cold missionary.” Well, it did look that night as if somebody was going to have a piece of hot missionary.

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