Thursday, January 2, 2014

Completely Normal - the Story of a Miracle

Meet Abigail, my older sister and the oldest child in our family, now 16 years old.

At the time this story starts she was 5 years old. She was given a medicine she was allergic to and developed severe eczema. (This is a common enough condition, a lot of people have traces of inside their elbows and behide their knees. But Abbie’s was chronic.) The doctor didn’t realize what the problem was and tried to bring the eczema under control by prescribing a whole lot more of the same medicine. As you can imagine, this did not help! Her eczema got worse and worse.

She was put under a specialist at the hospital but did not improve. At one point she spent a week in hospital on strong steroids but was still not helped. This went on for years.

She got so bad that she could not straighten her legs or arms at all. Abbie couldn’t walk properly, couldn’t sleep properly, couldn’t eat properly and all her body was so traumatized she actually stopped growing altogether. She was always covered in blood and always her eczema itched, so she was always scratching. Her skin was such a mess and so badly scarred and disfigured that she was always completely covered up, even on the hottest days, as she hated people staring at her. She spent months at a time just huddled up in a corner crying.

Life is a journey and we sometimes have to climb difficult hills and wade through deep water but God is always with us. Even at that dark time, there were rays of hope for Abbie. Things like a lady we barely knew but who regularly fasted and prayed for her.

Abbie suffered from this terrible eczema for a total of 7 years. All throughout this time we kept praying for her healing. Once we were in a church service when Brother Yun from China was present. He has an incredible testimony himself and he invited those who needed prayer to come forward. Abbie went forward and was prayed for and told that she was going to be healed at some point and the Lord would receive the glory. She clung to that.

Meanwhile, the specialist at the hospital offered a new treatment to us. It was an experimental technique but since the situation was desperate she suggested we might like to try it. It involved taking drugs to knock out Abbie’s immune system, since eczema is the immune system over-reacting to things it is not supposed to be worried about. If Abbie had those drugs she would need constant blood tests to see if she had caught any bugs because even a cold could be dangerous! It also greatly increased the likelihood of cancer.

Our parents were horrified!!! They said that if this was the only thing left that the doctors could offer, then we would have to forget the doctors. So we discharged ourselves from the medical system and told God that He was all we had left and that we were totally depending on Him.

Shortly after this Mum heard about an evangelist who prayed for the sick and had seen thousands of miracles. We went to visit this lovely elderly gentleman and he prayed for Abbie, for complete healing. He told us that Abbie would be healed.

However, she was not immediately healed. We thanked God for the healing that was coming and waited and the evangelist added Abbie to his prayer chain. It was a couple of months later that the amazing miracle happened.

Abbie woke up one morning in August 2009 and was completely normal. Every trace of eczema had gone from her body and her skin was silky smooth! It felt like brand new skin! Not only was every trace of eczema completely gone from her entire body but every bit of scarring and discolouring that we had been told was permanent, had vanished too! There was no sign that she had ever had anything wrong with her. Praise the Lord!!

~ Bonnie


  1. Wow!! What an incredible testimony! Thanks for sharing, Bonnie!

  2. Almost everyone in our family has eczema - amazing to read about Abbie's, and how she has been healed!
    And a beautiful reminder of how we are healed from our sin-disease - which is much, much, worse in God's sight.
    Thank you, Bonnie :)

    1. We know quite a few people who have eczema. It's a nasty thing! One of my brothers, Ben, gets it sometimes too. Although not as bad as Abbie had it!!

  3. That is so awesome!!!!! I've had eczema on my wrist that got infected once ...nasty
    there is a big family history of it in my family, mum's battled it for years and been prayed for several times, thankfully its calmed down and she has little problem with it now. And I am quite amazed that no eczema has turned up on my wrist this summer, and I can safely say the prayers have worked ! So happy for Abby!


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