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This post came from The Pursuit (you can read others we’ve posted from the website here). It was originally posted on September 21, 2011.
Used by permission of the blog/magazine’s editor—thanks, Ariel!

Some girls wear it, some don’t. Foundation—a creamy concoction of pigments and fillers to create a flawless complexion. With a smooth canvas, a girl can create a masterpiece!

How important is having a foundation? I often think about my childhood and how blessed I am to have a family who set my feet on a firm understanding of God, love, morals and the important lessons of life. I often wonder what I would be like without their support and upbringing. No matter how far or how many times I’ve strayed, their words—especially those of my mom—resonate in my head, bringing me back to the path of the straight and narrow. Without that smooth foundation, where would I be? Would I be a mess?

Then I think about those who didn’t have a solid foundation set for them. Their lives were far from flawless and loving. My favorite thing is hearing about those Cinderella type stories where someone goes from nothing to something! The Blind Side was a great example, but the people I know personally who are truly better because of their rocky start and dysfunctional childhood. Those people truly deserve the world and respect! You see, no matter what, you have a choice—be that foundation for someone, someone who needs it!!

Every makeup artist starts with a blank canvas—flawless or not. It’s the teachings, experiences and creativity that helps them create that perfect look. Flawless or not, you have the option of creating a beautiful life for yourself and others. The Lord will honor you and bless you and guide you along the way :)

Psalm 40:2 “…he set my feet upon a rock…

Stay FabYOUlous,

Brynlea Taylor Cunniff is a tomboy in a tutu. With a desire to be the Proverbs 31 woman God created her to be, she walks down the runway of life hand-in-hand with her Designer (in heels…and cowboy boots). Brynlea has a true passion for the young ladies of today’s generation, so she has a blog dedicated to devotions, fashion and everything girly! Follow her on and Twitter @FabYOUlousGals. She would love for you to join her Facebook group “Fabyoulousgals” for Godly encouragement and girl chat!

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