Monday, March 24, 2014

Encouraging our Siblings

As a big sister to five of the most wonderful brothers and one precious sister, I have plenty of opportunities to encourage my siblings. Each day the Lord gives me with my family is a priceless gift – and I thank him for both.

Abigail and Micah
Here are some practical ways sisters can encourage their siblings.  There are so many avenues you can travel down, but I hope my ideas and thoughts will only be a starting point for you.

-Memorize Scripture with your siblings.  Encourage them in personal Bible reading.  I know many of you are already doing that.  One way my siblings and I like to get into God’s Word together is by participating in the National Bible Bee.

-Praise them!  “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” (Prov. 25:11). Words are so powerful – we can’t take them back after they have been spoken – why not say words that will build them up?!

-For siblings of younger ages, tell them stories or read to them.  My 2 year old brother, Micah, loves to cuddle in my lap have me read a story to him. Sometimes even my siblings that are older will gather round to hear also!  You can also play with them.  Micah loves for me to build him big train tracks or chase him in a game of tag.  It’s also fun to sing together.

-Have a party, just because!  Invite them to a special time together – it could be one-on-one or all together. Have a special snack and drink, maybe play a game they enjoy.

-Take an interest in their activities. A building project with the brothers, a little bread loaf your sister made or even a simple drawing your 2 or 3 year old sibling made are opportunities to praise them!

-Including them in your activities is another wonderful way to build relationships. They will be thrilled to be doing “big people things”. If you’re washing windows, get them a rag and let them help!  Letting a little sibling help you with a baking project would make them so happy.

-Give them little letters and notes. I like to write little notes with scripture or a word of encouragement or praise to them. Put them somewhere where they’ll be surprised – like on their pillow.

-Do a special project or activity together. For brothers, this might mean playing baseball or Frisbee with them, building towers together with Popsicle sticks and hot glue, going with them on hikes or ATV rides in the woods… And for sisters, you could do a baking project together, card making or do her hair a special way.  If you do not sleep in the same room, let her “camp out” on your floor once in a while.

-Give them hugs and tell them “I love you” often. You never know how much more time you have with them – treasure the moments! It’s so precious to have them return the smiles and hugs.
There are many, many more ways to encourage and bless our siblings. Branch out and find new ideas and activities and make lasting memories with them.

May Jesus bless you abundantly – Press on, sisters!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. These are such simple ideas, yet how much they impact our siblings for the future! :)

    Many blessings,

    1. You're welcome, Esther. =) Keep encouraging your siblings!! ;)

  2. Thank you for the challenge, Rachel! I know I fail so often as a big sister - too often using the excuse "I need to study for school." But the days swiftly pass by and they soon won't be so young anymore. Oh, the rewards of taking an interest in siblings' lives.

    Blessings, Andrea


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