Friday, November 6, 2015

A Lovely Calling

Good morning, ladies!

Today, instead of a post like I'd normally share, I'd like to share with you a wonderful blog I discovered. It's A Lovely Calling. It is an absolutely fantastic blog whose tagline is "Virtuous Women Desperately Passionate For God".

From their mission statement:

"The whole package is embracing God’s lovely calling for your life. As a woman we should pursue biblical femininity with all passion and put our whole hearts into discovering what God wants us to do in our brief time on this earth.


When you look at women in the world nowadays, what do you see? I see a world of women with their hearts dead set AGAINST God. Even Christian women don’t set a standard of Godly character. The way I see it there are three types of girls:
1. The girls who don’t know any better and slip easily into the worldliness of our day and age. They are young and have no biblical guidance in their lives. They, like many of us, follow the crowd (sometimes down the path of destruction)
2. Then there are the quiet girls, who still dream, who still want the life every girl wanted when they were little: to be a mommy and to raise a family, to have respect and be a beautiful woman of God without all the feminist arguments being pointed at them day and night. But the quiet girls don’t know how or when they should strive after their dream when so many other girls around them idolize celebrities, secular lifestyles and Victoria’s Secret.
3. Then there are the Christian girls whose moms have taught them Gods dreams and desires for women who seek Him wholeheartedly without restraint or stained vision of a biblical lifestyle. However, there are no girls their age encouraging that calling.  Only the older women tell them that this is right. The other girls run with the crowd, so why shouldn’t they?

BUT what if… what if there was a whole generation, a whole group of young girls (their age) girls who knew what true biblical femininity and virtuous womanhood really meant in the eyes of the Lord? What if all the girls around them went back to the days when being a godly woman was the most important, most honorable, most worthy job in the world, and actually encouraged them in it? What would happen?
Well I only pray and hope that that generation starts with me and you. God has given us girls (Lisa, Christy, Sarah and Anna) a “Lovely Calling” and ministry online and through writing to help girls and young women, the quiet ones, the girls who don’t know any better, the secular girls who need a new perspective, and the Christian girls who are scared to make an endeavor on their own.  We want to help them see that being a woman after God’s Heart is the highest calling anyone could ask for.  BUT WE CAN NOT DO IT ALONE.  We need help and words of wisdom from other girls with the same ambition."

Two of my personal favourite posts:
How to Be a Woman Worth Pursuing
Godly Womanhood in the 21st Century

Do check out their blog! It's fantastic!
- Bonnie

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