Saturday, July 4, 2015

Book Review :: The Helper

I'd like to review a wonderful book today. It's "The Helper" by Catherine Marshall.

Interested in the Holy Spirit and want to know more about it?

Confused about the Spirit and what His working in our lives looks like?

Wondering how you can have the Holy Spirit?

This is not just another book about the Holy Spirit. It's one of the best books I've ever read. Catherine Marshall is a wonderful author.

She offers forty inspirational "helps" that contain Scripture, a prayer, and insight into the third person of the Trinity. Catherine Marshall writes about the answers she discovered to questions like: Who is the Helper? How do I experience the Helper's presence? How does the Helper meet everyday needs? What is the Helper's role and function in the Church?

The forty "helps" could be used as a devotional guide, or you could read the book straight like I did. :)

I'd recommend this book for readers who are interested/curious about the Holy Spirit. I'd certainly not recommend it for younger readers, simply because it tackles some slightly more difficult topics. Probably ages 13-14+ would find this book suitable, depending on the maturity of the reader. :)

Overall, this is a great book, one I've found extremely valuable and practical. I highly recommend it.


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