Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Do You Follow Jesus?

Today, we are joined by our dear friend, Esther. She was the one that began JOJ, and posted for a number of years before leaving the team a few months ago. Thank you for sharing with us, Esther! :)

You could give the proper Christian answer—“I follow Jesus because I’m a sinner and He died for my sins.”

Yes, that’s true. That’s good.

But why do you—really—follow Jesus? What is it, deep down inside you, that makes you get up in the morning and read the Bible? What is your motivation for praying?

What is it that makes you follow Him like you do?

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For me, the real reason is that He’s showed me what I am without Him.

Without Him, I’m a cup . . . without water.

I’m a moon . . . without a sun.

I’m a star . . . without a galaxy.

I’m a leaf . . . without a tree.

I’m a letter . . . without a word.

Sisters, what makes you tick? Why are you following Jesus?

This is a question you need to answer now.

You see, we are growing up in a culture that is doing its best to undermine our morals, our families, and the core beliefs of our faith. We are called daughters of the Highest.

But when we don’t even have a real grasp on who we are and why we follow Jesus, we become a rowboat without oars. And that, my friends, is dangerous.

Sisters, in a few short years, Lord willing, we will be starting our own families. If we don’t have a grip now on why we are here doing what we’re doing, we are going to have a hard time passing those beliefs onto our children. A Christian family that doesn't know why they believe what they believe is doomed to failure.

So I beg of you—take time to revisit your early life as a Christian. Reaffirm in your heart why you follow Jesus. Ask Him to show you what you are like without Him. Ask Him to show you how to follow Him better.

Now, more than ever, the world is looking for your example—trying to see if you’re truly real or not.

Now, more than ever, the world needs a godly generation. Don’t fall for the trap of easy-believism.* 

God has called us to so much more. The Lord needs you in His battle for right. Your future family needs you to be a good example.

So stand strong, and do what’s right.

The Lord needs you on that field.

*Easy-believism: the belief that the Christian faith is merely repeating a prayer and going on our way, and therefore it doesn't matter what we do or believe—we will get to heaven anyway.

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  1. WOW. :-) I'm speechless. I love your testimony and faith. Praise God! Perhaps there is still a beam of His light out there despite the darkness on the Earth and the gross darkness upon the people. But that darkness just makes your light all the more precious. God bless you!


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