Wednesday, November 12, 2014

At long last I return...

Hello friends! I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I have not posted on here in a very long time. Due to the fact that Bible Bee studying had been taking much of my free time. Now that Nationals is over, I hope to get back into posting regularly. It was so nice to meet several JOJ readers at Nationals...blessings, Christianna, Elanee, Elizabeth, Eden, and anyone else I missed! :) It was also wonderful to see many friends again. The whole event was amazing...even though I didn't make the Semi-finals I had a blast :) 

{watching the challenge rounds!} Christanna and I sat together for a couple of these...that was fun! It was exciting to have friends up there competing! :) 

{Late night visits with friends} I am third from the left. We had so much fun!

So I hope to get back into regular posting soon! I'm going to miss you Esther. :( 

We'd love to do some guest posts on JOJ in the future...if you're interested, drop us a line! :)



  1. It was SO wonderful to meet you too rachel! I'm SO glad I can finally met you and got to spend some time with you over the weekend. It was a blessing!

    I'd be interested in doing a guest post in the future, if you need writers.

  2. I'm going to (well, already am to some extent) miss being here too, Rachel.

  3. Hi Rachel, Morgan Roth here!:)
    I enjoyed reading your post here, and seeing the pictures you posted! We got to watch all of the semi's and finals (of all 3 divisions) online! It was soooo amazing!
    I enjoyed getting to meet you via thankful challenge! I will definitely be following your blog! I tried signing up for Memverse. . . . but it didn't create me an account as far as I know!:)
    ~ Morgan

    1. Hello Morgan!
      So glad you got to watch the semis and finals live...did you watch the Opening Ceremony? :) I think it's wonderful they broadcast it for those who aren't able to make it.
      It was wonderful getting to know you on the Minigroup! :)
      Thank you for stopping by - hope to see you back in the future!

    2. Thank you Rachel! We technically didn't get to watch the opening ceremony- they were having some broadcasting difficulties.:) Though by God's grace, all issues were resolved for semis and finals!


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