Sunday, August 24, 2014

News from London—part 2

Curious to know what happened last? Read part 1.

“Mary! Mary, where are you?” Striding quickly from the bright warm sunlight outside into the darker room, John looked around for his wife.

Looking up from where she sat on the bed, Mary answered, “I’m here. What is it, John?” His voice held a ring of hope in it that she hadn’t heard for quite a while. “What’s happened?”

“Mary, the post just came. You wouldn’t believe what the letter says!” She waited, tense. “You remember that a few weeks ago we received word that the pastor of the Carter’s Lane Baptist Church in London was retiring, and how I sent a letter saying that after praying about the situation I’d be interested in serving there?”

Gasping, Mary leaned forward. “You mean…?”

Opening the letter again, he scanned through it as he talked. “The letter is from a Mr. Pitts in London. He says that they have decided that they are willing to have me be their pastor. Oh, Mary! Do you know what this means? I will still be able to minister to the people, but the income will be much larger, and we won’t have to worry about the rent money anymore!”

“Oh John, that’s wonderful!” Rising to her feet, she hugged her husband tightly. “This sounds like the answer to all our prayers!”

“It is, I believe.” He said, “But Mary, would you want to move to London?”

“Why ever not, John?” She pulled back, stared into his eyes. “Why wouldn’t I? If you will be able to minister even better to people, and our family would be better able to live on the higher income, then of course I’d want to!”

“I’m glad you feel that way, dear.” He said gently, “I was just afraid you might not want to—seeing how you have so many friends here.”

“I’ll go wherever you go, John.” She said simply. “When do you think we’ll move?”

“Mr. Pitts says to come as soon as possible. They’ll help us get a wagon for our belongings, and I think it will probably take a week or so to get everything arranged.”

“I’ll be able to get everything ready by then.” Glancing around the small one-room house, she chuckled. “With as few things as we have, we’ll be ready in no time! Now—I should go check on the children. Last I knew they were outside, but it’s been quiet out there for a while so….”

“You better go look after them.” John agreed, a twinkle in his eye. “Who knows what trouble Robert could be getting into?”

…to be continued next week!

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