Monday, February 10, 2014

Craft Corner Mondays :: Handmade Cards

Today, I'd like to share with you a craft I enjoy doing, and hopefully, you do too! :)


Handmade Cards

Cards are fun to make, and everyone loves to receive a handmade card in the mail! You really do not need many things to make them. Some items that would be a good idea to have would be:

-Paper, both plain and colorful- 
I have some white card stock that I like using for the body of the card, and then paper with designs on it for embellishments.
-Embellishments, such as stickers, ribbon, rubber stamps/ink, etc-
-Tape and/or glue-

That is really about all you need! Oh yes, and an imagination. :) Let your creative juices flow...each card can different than the last.

Now for some creations of my own...

I hope you are encouraged to get out your supplies and be "card crafty"! :) If you are in need of some inspiration (which I need at times myself! :), look on Pinterest. There are sooo many great ideas on there. 

Maybe you already enjoy making handmade cards...if you do, let us know in a comment below! We'd love to hear if you have any tips, ideas, etc.



  1. You are very creative! All the cards that you've sent us in the past, have been very pretty, too. :) I love the piano card.

    1. Hi Sayna! :) Thanks for the comment! Aw, thank you...the piano card took a little while to make...careful measuring and such :) I still have a card you gave to me when we came to put my picture on the front :)

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  3. What are the letters made from? Are they stickers?
    Something I like to do is to rip the edges of the paper I'm using to decorate the card. If you are slow and careful, then, depending on the type of paper, it can look great!
    What I meant to say was, rip out the shape instead of cutting it out, for a more textured effect :)

    1. Hi Rhoda! :)
      The scriptures are from rubber stamps I have. I also have a black ink pad I use. :)
      Yes! I do that as well...have you ever burned the edges of your paper? I've tried, but it's a bit tricky :)

  4. No, I haven't tried that - is it worth it, do you think?

    1. What is worth it? The rubber stamps or burning paper?

    2. Oh - is it worth burning the paper :)
      But, where do you get hold of the rubber stamps, as well?


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