Friday, March 8, 2013

A poem

well sort of- a try

Loving, living, falling, again
loving, living, falling, again;

We are so terribly faithless
yet He in grace makes us blameless
dying, crying, living again
dying, crying, living again;

But this grace we often use
wasn't meant to be purposely abused
falling, barfing, repeating (again)
falling,  barfing, repeating (again)

But this grace is sufficient when we really choose
in our old ways we will terribly lose
crying, rising, loving again
crying, rising, loving again;

only then only then will we be free
and we shall for a while sit on his knee
for we will be
loving, living, falling again
loving, living, falling again

but remember he is always there
to wipe every tear
and teach us
not to follow the things we lust
for he is
Amazing, Saving, Loving again and again
Amazing, Saving, Loving over and over again!


  1. Did you write that poem? ~Rachel

  2. ah if you mean Tiffany then yes I wrote it and it was completely spontaneous thats why it's well not much

  3. I liked it- good job! Btw, I'm Rosie, a friend of Rachels; I just recently found your blog, and have been greatly encouraged by it- it is so Christ-centered and uplifting. May the Lord continue to bless it! :-)

  4. Love your poem!

  5. thank you! It was a spur of the moment concoction :)


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