Monday, December 10, 2012

Will YOU Write For Us?

Well, I’ve just had a sudden inspiration. Tiffany and I would like to have more things from other people in our magazine (and I’m sure that anyone who has ever written a magazine, blog, or other such-like stuff could identify!). So, I was thinking…what about an article-writing day? Both Tiffany and I would write an article, and if you would like to participate (which I REALLY hope you want to!) that would be great. So, here’s what we would do:

You can write/send in anything.
Yup, anything—you could write:
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  1. a story 
  2. a poem 
  3. a recipe 
  4. a craft or sewing idea 
  5. a bibliography biography of someone in the past that has been an inspiration to you
  6. an answered prayer 
  7. something God has taught/shown you 
  8. an encouraging quote, and why it’s encouraging to you. 
  9. an embarrassing moment, and something God showed you through that 
  10. something you learned from a book of the Bible (such as Job) 
  11. an exceptionally frustrating situation, and how God helped you conquer your frustration 
  12. a devotional 
  13. a question (yes, we do have a question corner, but no-one’s ever asked anything!) 
  14. a book review 
  15. about a treasure from the Scriptures that you found 
  16. …let your imagination go wild! There are many other subjects I haven’t included! 

There are a few rules:
  1. You can write anything. If you have something you wrote another time, that’s okay. Just send it in. 
  2. The length doesn’t really matter. We can use whatever you send in. If it’s longer than 1 ½ – 2 pages, though, we’d have to break it up and put it in two magazines (which ISN’T a problem, believe me!
  3. When you submit your story (I’ll have a form for you to submit it with), please include a short “About Me”—there’ll be a space for it!It would also be nice to have a picture to put at the bottom, but that’s optional. Your “About Me” could include anything (a few ideas below). I prefer at the minimum three sentences, but if you really can’t think of anything to write about yourself, it’s okay to just give your name (age and location would be great, too, but that’s optional). Your “About Me” could include:
        ○ age
        ○ location
        ○ where they can find you on the internet (your blog, etc)
        ○ some of your interests (crafting, baking, reading, writing, etc)
        ○ how to contact you
         …all of the above are optional, but the “About Me” is designed to make the reader get to know you as an individual a little better—you aren’t just an anonymous writer that way. 
  4. You’re supposed to enjoy yourself while you’re writing—it won’t be just another “chore”. 
  5. If at all possible, what you write should be written in one day. But if you can’t manage, then I understand if it takes several days. The longest time I’ve ever taken to write something for JOJ has been about six months! 
  6. Remember this quote: “You must write for yourself, above all. That is [your] only hope of creating something beautiful.” ~Gustave Flaubert. It’s very true. 
  7. We may not put all of the submissions into one magazine, depending on how many there are. We will be sure, though, to put it in somewhere.
  8. Any questions? Comment below! 
So, what do you think? Do you think you’d like doing this with Tiffany and me? If you think you would, please fill out this short survey:
NOTE: We will write on one particular day, depending on what day you all select. I was originally thinking of Monday, but if you think another day of the week would be better, we'd be glad to hear which day you think is best.

Thank you for all your support; we really appreciate it!


  1. This sounds like a great idea! I'd love to help! :) If you need my help, let me know :)

  2. Well, Rachel, we're always looking for writers! :) We'd be delighted if you wanted to help write for us. Did you fill out the survey?


  3. I did fill out the form, and I asked some questions in the comment/suggestion box.

    Miss you and HUGS!

  4. Thanks, Rachel! :) Would you prefer me answering your questions here, or by email?

    I miss you, too. Maybe we'd be able to scheme a way for you to get back here. Hmm.... ;)


  5. Which ever is easiest for you ;)

    :D Maybe someday :)

    BTW maybe you could add an option in the weekdays box being able to pick mulitple days.

    PS - did I meet Tiffany while over there? I can't remember

  6. I'll answer it here--that way, if anyone else is wondering, the answers are here! :D

    I added the option yesterday after what you said. Good catch! ;) I said, I don't care! Any day suits me. Is that okay?

    No, you didn't meet Tiffany. I think you met Jasmin, though--I'm pretty sure their family came up for tea while you were here.

    Okay, on to your questions!:
    1. Will it be posted online, or in the magazine? It will most likely be put in the magazine. Some of our readers don't get online, and we'd like all of them to be able to read what you write! Besides, it takes up more space if we put it in the magazine. ;) We are planning to put a few of the articles posted on this blog into the magazine, too, so that that those people can read them, too. Does that answer your question? :)

    2. Will we write every Saturday, or just once every few weeks or so? (I don't know if I could write every week, but I'd do it as often as possible.) Well, for myself I'd try to write every Saturday (or whatever day we choose). For you, set your own speed. If you can't write every Saturday, that's okay! I might not be able to get it all done, either. What really matters is that God inspires it. If all you are able to write is half a page for the magazine, that's okay! :)

    Hope that explains what you wanted to know...

  7. Yes, thank you! :)

    We am I suppose to start writing? Do you have a certain topic you want me to begin with?

  8. Oops, sorry! I meant "When" instead of "we" :)

  9. :) Sounds like you're excited about this! I am, at least! :) First of all, would you be able to send me a short "About Me" of yourself (including a picture!), so Tiffany can "meet" you? She really doesn't know you, and if you'll be joining our writing team it would be great if she could get to know you a little better. ;)

    I'll be in contact as to what to write soon--the next JOJ (Issue 4) is almost done (I have to make a few corrections, check it over again for errors, and it should be complete--I have to have it all done in two days! :D), and we're hoping to have the next one out about the second week of February. Shouldn't be hard if I set my mind to it! ;)

    Anyway, if you could send me an "About Me", that would be great. We'll go from there.

    An excited sister,

  10. Should I do it like:
    "Rachel C---- is a ..."


    Hello! My name is Rachel and I'm...." ???

    Get the idea? :D

  11. I don't care. Whichever one you want to do. :)


  12. I just filled out the form.... I'm not sure if you are still looking at that since it's slightly old but I thought I'd comment as well so you get at least this via your comment feed.

    I'm happy to write an article or two (or even more) for your magazine. I'd probably prefer doing it as a once off thing or even with no set dates because that makes it easier for me to work around my day-to-day activities.

    But suit yourself. I am yours to command!!! :-)

  13. Hi, Bonnie! Thanks for filling this out! And I don't mind about the timing. ;)

    Rachel and I will talk it over, and pray about it, and we'll see what comes from this! :)



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