Sunday, December 23, 2012



Yes, it's finally here!

All the people who get a print copy received theirs last Tuesday, but I haven't had time to post until now on here. I hope you will forgive me. :)

Read/download your free copy here!

Lord willing, I will be starting to put the next issue (#5) together this week, even though it won't be finished until February or March. Several things we will be needing yet:

  1. a short story from the Bible, retold (it can be first- or third-person. Doesn't matter either way.)
  2. a couple poems for the Encouragement Page
  3. several quotes for the Encouragement Page
  4. a recipe (or two!)--just make sure that they are fairly easy to make. Preferably ones you've made before.
  5. a short thought, something God's shown you, an answered prayer--doesn't have to be longer than one paragraph. We'd use them to fill up the gaps at the bottom of pages.
NOTE: If you send in any of the above that you haven't written, please give us the source--we'd like to see where you got it! ;)

Stay true to Him,


  1. I'll try to work on something soon :)

  2. By the way, is there a way I can view the magaine without downloading it?

  3. Alright, good! :)

    About your question...does the link only let you download it? You should be able to see it and then have the option to download....


  4. It only gives me the option of downloading. :/ I don't see anything in the form of a magazine.

  5. Hmm...sorry about that. I tried changing the urls again. Does it work now? If it doesn't, I have another place I can upload it to. What web browser are you using? I've tested it on IE, Chrome, and Safari. They all seem to work.

    If it still doesn't work, could you take a screenshot of the page, and email the picture to me? Here's info about how to take a screenshot:


  6. YOu don't have to do a short story about a bible character I mean there is only so many people in the bible and we don't want to exhaust the idea as many people have done. A short story would be fine in short (:D) we only want you to write what you believe God wants you to write or you could write about what you passionately want to change in the world (this is only of course if it is a God given desire) eg ending abortion, feeding the hungry, stopping slavery etc. and this could be in the form of a story base or not.
    Anyway just some ideas
    P.S maybe it's my turn to write about a biblical character as I haven't yet done so - wonder how I managed that :D though I think that if I did I put a very different spin on it ;-)

  7. Actually, can I do something other than the bible story?

  8. There. Is it fixed now? :) I tried to fix the ones on the magazines page, too.



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