Thursday, October 25, 2012

A story [couldn't think of a title]

I am feeling a bit guilty of not having written anything by myself for here. :-\
So here is my first story hope you like it...

She sat on her bed, glaring at the mirror, at the slightly upturned nose, and at the plain, faded blue-grey eyes that were staring back at her. The ugly face that only hours before had seemed lovely, breath taking and enhanced by layers of makeup. It was her last try at being beautiful, her last attempt at being stunning but it was all in vain. Her eyes travelled down to her dress's plunging neckline - even that hadn't been enough to keep someone's attention.
All the words of self assurance had faded at the party door. All the work gone into preparing herself seemed worthless, no one had given her a second glance. She had spent the rest of the evening leaning against a wall and trying to lose herself in her wine glass, all the while painfully aware of the other, prettier girls swaggering about in shorts and t-shirts, evoking large amounts of attention. The depth of her abandonment pierced her like a knife.
So here she was in her room wishing she could stay here forever; away from disapproving crowds, locked behind this door; where she could be safe... ugly... and dreadfully alone.


Bethy too looked in the mirror.
She tore off her covering and swiftly unbound her hair. As the locks fell about her waist, she grabbed the back section of her dress and pulled it tight so every curve of her body was accentuated.
Maybe people would look at me if my dresses were tighter, she thought looking at the figure reflected back at her. She looked away; it was wrong to unveil herself to just anyone. Her gazed turned back to the mirror. Maybe her future husband - who ever he was- would wake up and see that she was, well a woman. No! she exclaimed backing away from the mirror, it was wrong to act so selfishly, to be a stumbling block for others.

Yet some part of her still screamed out in pain; somewhere deep down this pretending that beauty didn't matter was killing her. Her heart was still crying out, "Do you like me, do you like what you see?"

The ache for beauty isn't contained by the girls in makeup and towering heels. It is a world wide search.

Haven't you ever wondered of you did a little bit more, people would notice you?
Well, have you?
Have you ever wanted to be known as pretty -even just for a while?
I have. And I'm sure deep down you have too;
Every girl wants to be a blooming rose, that is gasped over by others.

Just as every boy wants to be known as strong and courageous.

But imagine if someone said to you;

The look in your eyes... has stolen my heart.

What would you do? I'm sure you'd look round pretty fast to see who had dared.
But imagine being called that -really imagine; stop reading if you have to... what would it be like...
Imagine being called that, not because you'd done anything or worn anything... Just because you are you...

What would you think/say/ do if Jesus said that to you? What would you do/think/say if said that He had? What would you do/think/say if I said it came straight out of the bible? Pause and have a look at Song of songs 4v9... Did you know that this book portrays Jesus' love for his bride? For You. Love as powerful as death.. [songs 8v6-b]

God delights in you! Y.O.U

Love and blessings Tiffany




  1. Tf this is a very honest story. Very well written. touched my heart. Very creative. very moving. Thank you.

  2. I really appreciated the story, too! I think we'll be putting it in the print magazine, because not everyone has read it.


  3. Thanks I haven't even looked here in an age!


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